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Services 2Col Custom font design, development of existing typefaces and extending character sets with Latin accents, Greek and Cyrillic characters. We also develop OpenType…Digital illustration and traditional art and design techniques to illustrate a story, portray a message or visualise...

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E: john.doe@theme20.com P: 001 55 66 99 88E: john.doe@theme20.com P: 001 55 66 99 88E: john.doe@theme20.com P: 001 55 66 99 88E: john.doe@theme20.com P: 001 55 66 99 88


Adresa: Ante Starčevića br.42 Mostar
Tel/Fax: +387 36 349 010
Mob: +387 63 533 666
Email: info@mo-servis.com

O nama

Mo-Servis posjeduje višegodišnje iskustvo u prodaji, servisiranju, dekodiranju mobilnih uređaja kao i prodaji opreme za mobilne i tablet urađaje. Za servisne potrebe naših kupaca ugrađujemo originalne diejlove.


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